Blue life

Simple but powerfull tool for personal development.


Things we do every day, do have a great impact on our lives.

In the first half of 20th century Czech writer Jaroslav Foglar in his books and his scout group introduced a self-improvement technique named "Blue Life".
For each day and for each completed task a boy could fill one field of the table by blue color.

This technique helped to many boys to become better people.

The Blue Life is such application.

It introduces two changes comparing to Foglar's originalan idea:
1) Beside the tasks to be performed each day it also includes tasks to be performed ever week or every month
2) It introduces tasks that can be filled more than once. These tasks after fulfilling does not disappears from the list, just there appears a sign, that task already was completed.

List of tasks contains the original seven Foglar's but it also contains a number of new tasks, like backup your computer or make a call to your parents.

You can decide which tasks do you want to perform and how often.

You can also completely change any of tasks.

Try it, this program can change your life!