Just numbers.

Blue life

Simple but powerfull tool for personal development.


Brain Snakes PRO

Better version of free Brain Snakes.


Can save screenshot and gives bigger playgrounds ans playground with obstacles.

Brain Snakes

Android game, now on Google Play.


Turn-based logical game, navigate your snake to block (computer) oponent.
Train your brain every free minute!

About SOFTH software

Software company based in university study times, business license since 90's (of the previsous century).

Purpose of this site is to provide background for current Android apps.

Selected applications:
* 2011-13: construction geometry homework environment
     (GeoGebra, PHP)
* 2006-8: online educational game
     (FLASH, PHP)
* 1996-2000: university information system
     (Borland Delphi)

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